About Us

Eleven Performance Group boasts twenty years’ experience in financial services including organizational improvement, leadership development, sales and service, operations, and risk management. In fact, there are hardly any areas of financial services where our talent has not led at the highest level. We have built credit unions from the ground up, we have improved performance, we have grown small credit unions six-fold, we have navigated mergers and acquisitions.

As our company name implies, why would you settle to be a ten out of ten when you can be an eleven?!

Where We Excel

Empowering Organizations and Individuals to Perform at 11!


“Go Big. Go Beyond. Go Eleven!”

Performance @ 11

Improve operational efficiency and enhance your competitive edge with integrated approaches to elevate operational excellence, project management, employee engagement and succession planning.

Leadership @ 11

Our cornerstone Leadership Development program focuses on self-awareness, competency development and productive team dynamics. Perfect for Senior Management and Mid-Level Management.

Talent @ 11

We help clients recruit and select the best candidate to support their business needs; understanding that each hire is important; regardless of role and regardless of workforce size.