Organizational Performance

Eleven Performance Group will help you improve your organizational performance to run as a well-oiled machine. Improve operational efficiency, employee motivation and member-service as well as plan for future growth and leadership opportunities for highly-effective employees.

Organizational Excellence

Improve your organization’s effectiveness through integrated approaches that align with operations and strategic goals while delivering increased value to all your stakeholders. It is not enough to react to problems or have documented processes. You must achieve cross-functional efficiencies through analysis, innovation, progress tracking and sharing of information and knowledge.

Employee Engagement

There are several leadership issues that can negatively impact employee engagement; including lack of transparency, poor communication, limited development opportunities or lack of trust in leadership. Our program helps you tackle these problems to improve engagement and performance, while teaching the importance of quality coaching and integrated approaches to operations. Elevate the performance of your entire organization by increasing employee engagement.

Leadership Pipeline

Enhances the organization’s ability to objectively move people through leadership roles at the right speed by clearly defining skills and values needed at each level of work. Learn to differentiate between performance and potential of employees, the characteristics of high potential employees, identifying potential leaders through talent assessments and effective coaching skills to develop them for the next step in their career.

Succession Planning

Ensure internal successors are ready to assume key positions in the organization through a clear plan and accountability. This is an imperative process to ensure the future growth and success of the organization.

Let’s Work Together to Streamline Operations and Lay the Path for Future Leaders. Ready, Set Go!