About Us

Eleven Performance Group boasts twenty years’ experience in financial services including organizational improvement, leadership development, sales and service, member and employee feedback, operations, and risk management. In fact, there are hardly any areas of financial services where our talent has not led at the highest level. We have built credit unions from the ground up, we have improved performance, we have grown small credit unions six-fold, we have navigated mergers and acquisitions. All the while our focus has been on the human element of our business, understanding it begins and ends with the talent on the field.

In 2023 we expanded our client offerings to include a survey tool and talent management services. On the survey side, we acquired the survey company, Member Intelligence Group, to deepen our ability to help our clients gather and act upon member and employee insights. We named it Surveys@11 (of course) and it continues to offer a variety of surveys designed to collect feedback from your members and employees to fuel profitable growth along with high member and employee satisfaction. With the launch of our talent management services, Talent@11, we now offer recruiting services, which rounds out our ability to serve our clients from hiring the right people, to developing their people (individual or team, online or in person), through team dynamics, career and succession planning. If it includes your people, we can help.

Sure, we have accumulated designations and certifications, and we are even a certified national examiner for the Baldrige Award for Excellence. But at the end of the day, it’s how this knowledge, these tools, and our experience can be applied to your organization, to you as an individual, and to you as a collective team, that will really elevate your performance.

As our company name implies, why would you settle to be a ten out of ten when you can be an eleven?!