Organization Leadership Development

Improve performance with our leadership development program that focuses on Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading the Organization through self-awareness, skill and competency development, and sharpened team dynamics.

Leadership at Eleven is designed to substantially improve the leadership capabilities of individuals, to enhance team dynamics, sharpen coaching skills of managers, and institutionalize talent assessments and a leadership framework.

Team Dynamics

Significantly improve performance of intact teams through our unique program that helps individuals become ideal team members. The Team and Me focuses on six attributes of being a great teammate, which are essential in building a high-performing team. Great teammates make great teams. Great teams achieve great things.

Personality Inventories

Promote self-awareness, received personalized feedback, and promote the understanding of one’s self through our full suite of services and tools. Our leadership development program includes Emotional Intelligence assessments and DiSC workplace profiles.

360 Assessment

Accelerate individual development through candid feedback, personal insights, and research grounded competencies.

360-degree feedback is a method of systematically collecting opinions about an individual’s performance from peers, direct reports, the boss, the boss’s peers – along with people outside the organization. With this approach the person sees a more complete picture of themselves.

Leading with Purpose and Courage

Discover the key competencies that drive effective leadership, and potential derailers (career killers) that can prevent great leadership. There are levels of competencies, and felt difficulties that must be overcome, for each level of leadership; leading oneself, leading others, executive leadership and enterprise leadership.

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